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Clariz Mariano

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The Carry On project is under the umbrella of Internetbar.Org Institute, an organization involved in building the layer of justice in the internet. The project is still work in progress, as we are still looking for funding.

MST (Military Sexual Trauma) is under reported due to stigma, myths and feelings of helplessness. The Carry On project hopes to solve those issues by empowering and connecting veterans who have endured MST with other survivors, where they can find support. Carry On offers a chatbot, forum, secured alert buddy system, and real time chat to connect people and connect to services that can help veterans navigate reporting assault, getting help, and learn about their symptoms anonymously. 



  • Researched and target user study
  • Setting up the hosting, domain, and WordPress pages
  • Customized the WordPress template (CSS/HTML/PHP)
  • Ensured HIPAA compliance (encryption via SSL certificate)
  • Setting up the forum
  • Integrated the Motion.AI chatbot
  • Integrated Buoy, an open-source project
  • Maintain the project’s GitHub and task/issues list