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Clariz Mariano

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Hackathon Page: https://indenturedservant.itch.io/indentured-servant
Playthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FL37XlHSomU

Indentured Servant is a hackathon project me and my teams made for the Social Justice Game Jam.

Our team may be a bit too ambitious. We wanted to make a VR game. Our experiences in Unity, which is a behemoth of a tool, varied from beginners  to non-existent. Although I’ve made simple projects with Unity and watched a bit of instructional videos, I’m aware that I still have a lot to learn. From a simple text-based adventure game to a VR simulation seem to be a huge knowledge leap. Yet, we were able to make a playable VR simulation!


  • Gave an accelerated training to my team members
  • Designed the game mechanics, and scoped out the project limitations
  • Scripted in object behaviors, heavily borrowing from NewtonVR’s package
  • Requested appropriate sounds and integrated them to the build
  • Coached the voice-over actress and sound designers to
  • Ensured that all contributors in the projects were credited
  • Helped with the presentation